Lawnmower beer; shower beer; can crushers — there are plenty of ways to describe beer that easy drinking and non-pretentious. King of the category is the American mass-market lager: yellow and fizzy as a pejorative.

Though their bread and butter still lie in aggressively hopped IPAs, boozy stouts, and traditional European styles, craft brewers have been dabbling in this market for some time now. Craft lagers have replaced golden ales and the best breweries sport at least one pilsner. Some are exemplary: Cannonball Creek Brewing Company, Prost Brewing, and Bierstadt Lagerhause to name three.

Joining their ranks is The Post Brewing Co.’s Howdy Beer, a Western Pilsner clocking in at 4.5 percent alcohol by volume. Crystal clear — my glass in the photo is showing a bit of chill haze (it’s hot and humid here) — with a loose, rocky head, Western has a subdued nose that is light on malt. That gives the brew more space to for the hops to show — peppery spice with a bitter bite — without it being palate fatiguing or filling. It’s a thirst-quenching beer perfect for long, hot summer sessions.

The three breweries mentioned above all produce pilsners to be fussed over. They belong in a glass, with a touch of ceremony. Taking the backyard BBQ route, Howdy is as good out of a can as it is in the glass, and it favors company over ceremony.

Howdy has been with Post ever since Post started brewing beer and frying chicken, 2014 to be precise, and it’s netted the brewers’ hardware every year. It’s a yellow fizzy beer with pride.

Full disclosure: Howdy Western Pilsner was provided by The Post Brewing Co.