It’s the question close behind anytime someone finds out I write about beer: “So, what’s you’re favorite beer?”

The right answer is always, “Whatever beer I happen to be drinking at the time,” but that’s not the correct answer. The correct one is harder to suss out. Partly because you have to determine who is asking. Many ask out of reflex — most aren’t adept conversationalist. Hence, the above. But for those who are genuinely interested, the above is a brush-off.

For them, the answer isn’t easy. I probably try anywhere between 10 and 20 beers a week, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for routine drinking. But, there will always be a handful of beers I gravitate toward — faithfully familiar while being endlessly enticing.

Mountain Sun’s Colorado Kind is one such beer. First crafted back in the early ’90s, Kind is never far from my mind when the times comes for a libation.

From Mountain Sun:

This is the original Rocky Mountain hoppy amber ale. It boasts a unique combination of toasty caramel malt with the classic Cascade hop flavor and aroma. Amber drinkers may discover a surprisingly approachable, sweet, but hoppy beer. “Just ask for a pint of ‘the dank.’” Colorado Kind Ale won a Silver Medal at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival [O.G.: 1.058 ABV: 6.3%]

Pouring a reddish amber with a thick foamy, eggshell white head, Kind reveals its secrets in the malt. The nose is hoppy — resin and pine — but the hops here are primarily a bittering agent, allowing the malt to express flavors of caramel, sweet toffee, and a touch of biscuit. When writers describe a beer as balanced, they’re writing about Colorado Kind.

Hyperbole? Sure. Amber ale isn’t exactly a beer to light a fire under anyone’s ass in 2019, but it’s a staple — a workhorse that gets the job done and stays memorable. During my last visit to Vine Street Pub & Brewery — Denver’s Mountain Sun outpost — I sampled two Saisons (decent) and an imperial nut brown (better), but ended the night with “a pint of the dank.” It was magnificent.