Sanitas Brewing Company began canning their beers right out of the gate. The first two: Black IPA — a style that has fallen by the juicy/hazy wayside — and Saison, the first Colorado brewery to can the old world favorite. Per the brewery:

5.8% ABV; 22 IBUs

Our house Farmhouse Saison pours bright marigold. Organic malts express tangerine flavors and Belgian yeast ester aromatics. Crisp and refreshing.

Not as frothy as a classic Saison Dupont, and the nose features a tinge of bubble gum and a hint of apricot. Yeast is predominant in the mouth, as is a touch of herbal spice. It’s a much tamer beer than you’d might like if you’re one to order saison, but in a market dominated by fruited sours and hop-saturated IPAs, it’s not a bad beer to knock back on Sanitas’ well-shaded porch.