For many breweries around the country, February is Stout Month — a full-blown celebration of the dark ale. It is also #FlagshipFebruary, a celebration of brewery’s signature ale. In this week’s Boulder Weekly, we have both.

On flagships:

Twenty-plus years later, Dale’s is still a “voluminously hopped mutha” of a pale: Crystal clear with a pile of foam, sweet, full-bodied malt with snappy, citrusy hops. The beer is bitter (65 international bittering units) and cuts through just about anything you have on the table.

And a stout worth the drive:

One whiff of the opaque brew tickles the nose with high-octane bourbon and then softens the tongue with the first sip. Then comes a cascade of sweet chocolate amid a sea of rich dark malt. There’s a touch of bitterness on the finish to clean things up and get you ready for another.

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