Avery Brewing Co.’s “Beer archeologist” Travis Rupp has a new brew to tout and Endo Brewing Co. has a Russian imperial stout perfect for a cold, winter evening.

First up, Ales of Antiquities’ latest offering, Monticello:

“I want to make it as authentic as possible,” Rupp says. “I don’t want to deviate from the historical record.”

That starts with the name, Monticello: This was not the beer brewed by Jefferson, but for Jefferson and his estate by Jefferson’s slave, Peter Hemmings.

“The recipe for this is from 1822,” Rupp explains. “We know for a fact that Peter Hemmings had been trained to be the estate brewer in 1821. … This is 100% most certainly his recipe.”

Brewed with wheat and persimmons, Monticello is fruity and tart — think apples and tomatoes — with a full, creamy mouth that is rich and filling. According to Rupp, it’s similar to the persimmon bread baked at the time.

And now, a stout fit for a czar, Comfortably Numb:

Clocking in at 9.8% alcohol by volume, Comfortably Numb is pitch black with a quickly dissipating soft brown head. The nose has a nice, subtle roast, but the mouth is an explosion of dark chocolate, coffee, roasted barley and molasses. It hides its booze between sweet and creamy flavors and a lingering bitter finish. Drink during a snowstorm, and pair with a roasted vegetable soup and garlic bread.

More in this week’s Boulder Weekly.

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