For this month’s profile in brew, we look back at one of Boulder’s pioneering brewers, Gordon Knight:

Knight’s legacy lives on in the brewery he founded and the connections he forged. And if you ever need proof, head down to your favorite liquor store and pick up a sixpack of G’Knight Imperial Red IPA from Oskar Blues Brewery — a big, sticky, piney hop bomb tempered by sweet malt and bolstered by palate-cleansing bitterness. It’s Oskar Blues’ tribute to Knight. “A bold, simple way to represent a guy who lived that way,” says owner Dale Katechis.

Brewer by trade, pilot by identity, Knight was a decorated Vietnam vet who continued to fly helicopters when he returned to the States. And Knight was flying on July 30, 2002, fighting the Big Elk Fire northwest of Lyons, when his helicopter crashed, killing him in the process. He was 52.

Profiles in Brew: Gordon Knight

And while you’re reading about Gordon, why not stop in Twisted Pine and try one of his brews, Hoppy Boy Pale Ale:

The results are a song. Pops of citrusy hops and sweet caramel malt walk hand in hand down the glass while middle-of-the-road bitterness gives the beer presence without aggression. It’s reminiscent of Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale (another pioneer from craft beer’s early days) and easily one of the best quaffs you’ll find in Boulder County.

Drink of the Week: Twisted Pine Brewing Co.’s Hoppy Boy

Until next week, ta-ta.

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