Ed Sealover knows a thing or two about beer. In 2011, he published Mountain Brew: A Guide to Colorado Breweries. In 2016, he followed that up with Colorado Excursions With Hikes, History and Hops—both from Arcadia Publishing and both heavily consulted by me while working on Boulder County Beer.

Sealover also covers beer and brewing for the Denver Business Journal, so it felt full circle when he asked me three questions about what I learned while researching and writing my book. I went a tad long, here’s one excerpt:

After writing this book, what unique place do you believe Boulder County holds in the history of Colorado brewing?
Despite what the future of brewing in Colorado holds, Boulder County will always remain the cradle of craft beer. It’s not surprising that the first wave of brewers who moved to the region and set up shop came from all over because of the proximity to the mountains, the culture, the college, the music scene and so on.

To read the full interview, visit Denver Business Journal‘s website. To pick up your copy of Boulder County Beer, click here.

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