Few people get to be at the forefront of something special. Keith Villa has been there twice.

“They said I was one of the major disruptors in the alcohol world,” Villa says, reading from a past interview now framed on his office wall. “They said, ‘He was instrumental in bringing non-craft beer drinkers to craft.’”

The beer they’re referencing: Blue Moon, the ubiquitous Belgian-style white ale Villa developed for Coors Brewing 25 years ago. And if Villa’s current venture hangs on for another 25 years, he’ll have to build another office just to hang the interviews. Only this time, the c-word they’ll be using won’t be craft; it’ll be cannabis.

More in this week’s Boulder Weekly, “Profiles in brew: Keith Villa, Ph.D.,” the first in a series of articles exploring Villa’s latest venture, CERIA Brewing; his new book, Brewing with Cannabis: Using THC and CBD in Beer; and the future of drinkables and non-alcoholic beer. Stay tuned.

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