CERIA was the first THC-infused beer to market, making Grainwave (light and citrusy) and Indiewave (full-bodied and hoppy) the first two drinkables customers are likely to encounter. But brewers have a palette of beer styles to play with: Pilsner, porters, pale ales, etc. Do certain styles lend themselves better to THC infusions than others?

“Yes and no,” Keith Villa of CERIA Brewing explains. “IPA [the most popular craft beer style] might be more difficult than other styles because of the hop material.”

As Villa discovered, the hop material is so similar to cannabinoids that it can be difficult to analyze how much THC is present in the finished product.

“That happened with our IPA,” he says. “The initial tests we did were really all over the board in terms of results. And so we had to switch emulsions to make it a little more stable. … A hazy IPA might be even more problematic.”

But what about dosage, emulsions, and seltzer? Inquiring minds want to know. Thankfully, Villa, the author of Brewing with Cannabis: Using THC and CBD in Beer, has all those answers and more in this week’s installment of our ongoing drinkable cannabis coverage, “Pot in your pint.”

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