Football season is back, and the Broncos are 2-0! When’s the last time that happened? (2018 ) 

Jabs aside, nothing is better for the beer business than a winning sports team. And here in the State of Craft Beer, drinking options to pair with your favorite team are endless. So whether you’re part of Broncos Country cheering for “Steady Teddy,” a Rockies fan lamenting another lost season of wasted talent, or a Nuggets hopeful with fingers crossed for another shot at the playoffs, there will always be plenty of suds to find nearby. Including Briar Common Brewery + Eatery should you find yourself at Empower Field at Mile High, AC Golden Tank Room for those heading down to Coors Field one last time, Weldwerks Brewing for even the casual Nuggets fan, and many, many more. You can find them all, even rugby, in this week’s Boulder Weekly: “Sporting beers.”

Photo: Earth to Märzen and a Hazy IPA at Briar Common.

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