In the glass, it’s a thing of beauty. Inside a crystal clear liquid, the color of harvest straw, a swirl of tiny bubbles gathers at the top of the glass. It would look like champagne if not for the mountain of pillowy white foam piling high above the rim. The nose is even better: aromas of freshly baked bread. Then a sip of vibrant hops mingling in a light and cool liquid seals the deal. If you were drinking it with dinner, it would knock a Vinho Verde off the table. But it does just as well by itself—crisp and refreshing, slightly sweet, but the finish is dry as a bone. On certain days you can pick out some candy cereal qualities. Froot Loops, maybe? On others, it has the aromatic botanicals of a picnic lunch in the woods. A knockout.

Meet 1265 Pilsner, one of Left Hand Brewing’s latest additions to its year-round lineup.

I spoke with Jeff Joslin—Left Hand’s director of brewing—about my new go-to Boulder County beer in this week’s Boulder Weekly, “From their hands to yours.”

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