It was Type 1 diabetes that turned Becca Schepps on to kombucha. And it was a joke that turned Schepps on to making kombucha.

“I just had this moment where I was just like: I’m going to make aggressive kombucha,” Schepps says. “I’m going to make Monster, you know, Red Bull, Rockstar—that version of kombucha.”

This was back in December 2017, and Schepps was working as a creative director in advertising. She had been in advertising for over a decade and seen it all, including the “made with 100 percent purified love” on an ingredients label. She knew if you wanted to sell a product, you had to have a hook.

“I turned to my creative partner at the time, being like: ‘Oh, what if it was like Mortal Kombucha? Finish it!’ Schepps continues, dropping her voice an octave to deliver the video game line. “And I remember actually standing in line at a cafe in Boulder, the Innisfree one up on The Hill, and she was just like: ‘You’ve lost your mind.’”

Looks like she didn’t. Today Mortal Kombucha can be found all around Colorado, the Pacific Northwest, and Southern California, with Austin, Texas, on the horizon. Not bad for something that started as a joke.

In this week’s Boulder Weekly, more from Schepps on bringing Mortal Kombucha to fruition and a tease for Schepps second venture: Hard kombucha. “From spite to success.”

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