12Degree Brewing’s Ready to Mingle

Louisville’s Main Street is now a place where no cars go. Barriers have been erected, coffee shops, breweries and restaurants have cordoned off sections, and al fresco dining welcomes the hungry and the thirsty. Is there a beer more appropriately named than Ready to Mingle? It’s 12Degree Brewing’s version of a Belgian single—a tamer and … Continue reading 12Degree Brewing’s Ready to Mingle

12Degree Brewing

Drinking Belgian in Louisville On Tap: 12Degree Brewing. 820 Main St., Louisville, 720-638-1623, 12degree.com. The holidays aren’t here yet, but the temperature has dipped, lights decorate Louisville’s Historic Downtown District, and the ice rink is chilled and ready to go. With this atmosphere, an evening stroll down Main Street is a pleasant way to spend an … Continue reading 12Degree Brewing