This week in Drink — Oktoberfest 2021

It was the marriage of future Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese on October 12, 1810 that laid the foundation for Oktoberfest. All of Munich was invited to celebrate the nuptials. Horses were run, and beer was drunk—this is Bavaria we’re talking about. The people loved it. So much so that the following year they decided … Continue reading This week in Drink — Oktoberfest 2021

‘A hobby gone berserk’

This article first appeared in Boulder Weekly's 25th anniversary special edition. Back 25 years ago, covering the beer scene wouldn’t have taken too long. Boulder Beer was well-established on Wilderness Place, Walnut Brewery and Oasis Brewer Pub were ideal downtown watering holes, but that was pretty much it for craft beer. “It was new,” Adam … Continue reading ‘A hobby gone berserk’